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Age - 2 yr

Size - Small

Sex - Female

UPDATE - Aspen is a friendly and lively little character. She has spent some time in a shelter and is very excited when she wants to come out for a walk. She would suit a home with older 12+ children as she jumps up when you go into the kennel. Having come from a shelter with little exercise this behaviour should calm down when she gets in a routine in a home. She likes to play tug and loves her walks.

We recommend walking her in a 3 point harness and on a thick lead as she still plays with the lead and wants to carry it but doesnt try to chew on it anymore (definately not a retractable) initially until she has bonded with you.

We would advise she is not let off lead as she has terrier in her so is wanting to run and will chase. She will need 6ft fencing in a very secure garden with nothing up against the fence to climb onto.

Please ring the rescue on 07808003152 11-3pm to book an appointment to view any of our dogs. This is the only way we arrange viewings.

Follow the link below for FREE advice on adopting a foreign dog and help them settle in. We will receive 20% of any further monies raised from anyone buying other courses via this link. []

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