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HERO came to us from Blind Dog Rescue from Albania.
He is now in foster with a couple who have 10 other dogs of ours that cannot be rehomed due to behavioural issues or special needs. 

"Firstly, I do not apologise for the photos as these are the less distressing ones….and
people need to realise what Hero has and is going through….
Hero is progressing well thanks to having been rescued by Halfway Home and now given the care and vet
erinary treatment to start to re-build a normal life.
He suffered terrible abuse abroad and thankfully has made it to this country and given a chance thanks to people’s kind support and donations. He is the kindest, most loving dog you could ever imagine. I find it hard to believe even after all the horrific pain and suffering he has gone through, that he still wants to be with people.
Although he still has a fair way to go….
He had his eyes sewn up after managing to fight off a terrible infection. He is now
undergoing chemotherapy treatment for a tumour, although this has been put on
hold a little bit due to him being poorly. He is undergoing blood tests and will be
continuing within the next few days.
The outlook for Hero is good. With continued support and donations he will continue his treatment and finally become a health dog. He may have no eyes now and he may have been treated so really…. really ……badly, but, this dog has spirit, and as long as we support him, he will have his chance.

 Lots of my friends have been to visit Hero and he loves company. He is currently living with my 10 other rescue dogs. Without donations and Halfway…..this dog would probably not be here and getting the treatment he needs.
Please Sponsor Hero……..without continued support, these dogs would not
survive. You can sponsor Hero for as little as £1 per week.

 For more information please email us at Thank you x

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