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This is a write up by her current owners who regrettably have had to make the decision to rehome her.

Pepper is a rescue from HWH and we have had her around four months and she is now a year old. She is a lovely friendly dog, full of energy and playful. She is brilliant with other dogs and people when we are out, and children although she is a little “bouncy” with them. Not sure about cats, she wants to chase them. As she has come to know us she has become more and more affectionate. She stands around 45 to 50cm tall at the shoulder. She loves being out and about, is good off the lead and we have great recall with her. She travels well in a car. We are gutted to have to rehome her but she is trying to be dominant with our existing dog which is leading to confrontation between the two of them and stress for our older dog. We think she would suit a home without other dogs.

Please call the rescue on 07808003152 to arrange a viewing 11-3pm


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