How our adoption process works.

If you are considering adopting a new dog please take your time to think about everything as it is a big decision and a big commitment for everyone in your household. Please make sure it is what everyone really wants and will commit to.


Please be aware that a rescue dog will rarely settle in within a few hours/days of bringing it home, no dog will. Many of these dogs have been through a lot, they need time and patience to settle. If you cannot offer this then a rescue dog is not for you.


Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Please think carefully before you take this commitment. The average lifespan for a dog is 12 years and you will need to meet all your dog’s needs for his entire life.


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All our dogs will have had at least their 1st vaccination (some will be fully vaccinated), they will be neutered where possible and will be microchipped.  They also come with four weeks free insurance cover from Petplan.  

When you visit the Rescue we will ask you to complete our pre-adoption questionnaire which can be found here. This helps us to find out which dog may be suitable to join your family -  sometimes this is not the dog that you've picked!  but we will try our best to match the right dog to the right home. 


The final step is the completion of our adoption form which can be found here


About our adoption fee.

Our rehoming fee is usually £350 and upwards, although this does vary as we have let many older or infirm dogs go to homes for free and we help pay their vets bills for life. A fellow rescue group wrote the following which sums it up for all rescues


Recently someone asked,"Why would you charge £££ for a rescue pet?  

Why not just place it in a good home?" 


The answer is because we need adopters who are willing to support all rescue pets, not just the dog they adopt.


A young, healthy dog might cost us £50-100 in vet care, and many people will want to adopt it. While an older one with health issues can easily cost £500-£1,500 in veterinary expenses, and it may require months of foster care for rehabilitation. Often we only ask a minimal donation, and it may be a long time until anyone comes forward to adopt it. Donations from the younger, more adoptable dogs help offset the cost of caring for the others.


Most of our dogs have a sad story to tell, and some have suffered through years of neglect or abuse. We hope that you too are willing to give an opportunity for a better life to all of our dogs by supporting them through donations.


Without these funds, our rescue efforts would not be possible. Thank You.


Returning a Halfway Home Adopted Dog.

If you should need to return a dog that you have adopted from Halfway Home Dog Rescue we will always try to help.  As our kennel spaces are usually full, and we often have dogs from death row waiting to come in, there may be a wait for a kennel space (this may take up to 4 weeks).


IMPORTANT - When you adopt a dog from Halfway Home it will have had it’s 1st vaccination and it is down to the new owners to get the 2nd one done at the correct time. Please note that we will NOT take any dog back in unless their vaccinations are correct and up-to-date, and you bring us the vaccination certificate to support this. Sometimes people ask to bring dogs back where they have not bothered to get the 2nd vaccination done - this means that the dog is not properly protected and we will NOT take them back into kennels until they are. 


If you should need to rehome your dog we will put a photo and write-up on our website of the dog which, as we have a lots of people regularly viewing, can work very well in helping to find a new home for your dog.  To help us continue our work, we would appreciate a small donation for this. Please email a brief write up, including your contact details and send a good photo to