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FAYE - currently in foster but available for viewing at the rescue

Updated: 7 days ago

Sex - Girl

Age - Approx 2-3yr

Size - Small

  • Faye has gained weight nicely now but you should be aware that due to being starved in the past she has food guarded previously.

  • She would be best rehomed where there are no young children as she needs time to get used a new home and doesn't need someone running around after her as she may be a bit timid initially. She loves human company and craves affection and cuddles and is playful when out in the paddock

  • Faye gets very excited when we go in to take her for walks. She can jump up when she's excited and barks when seeing us.

  • Please be prepared to give this girl the best chance she can have and to listen to the advice given by the rescue regarding a successful introduction to a new home.

These dogs have arrived from a shelter so little is known about their history.

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