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We have no vacancies for volunteers at the moment. We are a very small team and any future volunteers would be asked to be prepared to take part in a variety of kennel jobs, as well as walking and being with the dogs.

ANY future volunteers will be asked to watch a webinar on the facebook page 'A Dogs Point Of View'. 

The information on the New Adopters webinar gives information about foreign street dogs and gives people an insight into how they can be different from UK dogs.
All dogs, UK and foreign, can come with issues, so anyone wanting to help us at some point will need to be aware of dog body language.
Due to being such a small team we cannot take on any volunteers with special needs and anyone requiring someone to support them 1-1 while they are onsite, this is a safety decision we have made due to the nature of some of the dogs that we receive into our care. 
We also have a minimum age restriction of 16 for anyone wanting to do work experience linked with an education facility.
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