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Every year Halfway Home takes in around 500 abandoned, neglected or abused dogs. We rescue a large amount of our dogs from puppy farms where they have lived their lives in a crate being bred from with virtually no human contact and no love whatsoever and dogs from death row situations in the pounds. Many of the dogs who come to us are in an awful state both physically and emotionally and we, alongside our vets will do all we can to bring them back to health, whatever the cost. Some of our rescues are in such a bad way emotionally, that they cannot be rehomed so will live out their days with us. All our income is from donations and fundraising and money left in people’s wills. By leaving a legacy to Halfway Home you are giving the gift of life to the animals that, without organisations like us, might otherwise be destroyed through no fault of their own. So, if you love dogs as much as we do, please consider remembering Halfway Home in your will.

Contact us: To speak to someone in confidence about leaving a gift in your will please either call us on 07808003152 email us or write to us at Halfway Home Dog Rescue, Swinderby Road, Collingham, NG23 7NZ

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