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Halfway Home Dog Rescue was started in April 2005 in support of another dog rescue, to hold dogs coming from "death row" situations in northern pounds.

Then in December 2005 we started homing dogs for another rescue with a lot of success. They decided that they no longer needed our help, so we decided to go it alone in May 2006, and now carry out dog rehoming directly from our own kennels in Collingham, Notts.

The majority of the dogs we rescue are strays from abroad. They've been through a horrible time and all they need is love and you will receive infinite love in return.

Please be patient with any new rescue to give them time to decompress and get used to their surroundings in their own time.

We are only a very small rescue and rely on a limited number of staff and volunteers, so please be patient when ringing to speak to someone..

All our costs are met by donations and fundraising activities such as open days, kennel and resident dog sponsorship, grants and sales from our shop.

HALFWAY HOME DOG RESCUE is Open by Appointment only,  for the rehoming of some lovely rescue dogs - to make an appointment please ring on 0780 8003152 between 11am - 3pm.


 More details and photo's can be found on our adoptions pages.


Halfway Home Dog Rescue is committed to and believes that we are morally responsible to assist in and/or rescue homeless, abused, neglected and abandoned animals, to be a voice for the voiceless.


Most of our dogs are strays from Eastern European countries, or crisis situations in the pounds. We do also sometimes rehome relinquished former pets, from homes in the UK. 

We are there for these dogs when they have no-one else. We at Halfway Home believe that dogs are sentient beings, capable of feeling "human" emotions such as fear, pain, joy, love and sorrow. Dogs provide their human companions with unconditional love and absolute loyalty and deserve to be treated as members of the family. 

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by
the way its animals are treated."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Many UK rescues  (including ourselves) are continually being asked to rehome dogs that have been adopted during the pandemic. We sometimes agree to take these dogs in after we have had them visit us for an assessment. We unfortunately cannot take in every one we are asked to as we find many are being rehomed due to having behaviourial issues due to insufficient training and socialisation during the lockdown phase of the pandemic.

There is also a growing number of dogs being relinquished due to having a new family member arrive, due to the children not leaving the dogs alone, due to work hours changing and also financial difficulties to name just a few.



What we aim to do when these dogs enter our rescue is to find them a forever loving home. Many of them need some form of rehabilitation as they may have lived on the streets in their home country or may have never been in a home before. They may have received very little if any human contact and require much patience, enrichment from our staff and just a little love to transform their behaviour and get them to trust people again. All of our dogs are health checked microchipped, de-flead, wormed, if needed, given their first vaccinations and also neutered.

We will try where possible to make sure all the dogs can walk on a lead and will let people approach and catch them. Where needed, we can  also help dogs that are scared of car travel.

We, as already mentioned are a very small team with only 1 full time member of staff and a handful of volunteers. We have no receptionists, office or kennel staff  and behaviourists onsite, so please be patient if you visit for a viewing and we are have to take calls too.


We are based in Nottinghamshire but we rehome our rescues all over the UK and sometimes even abroad. Distance is no object for people if they find the right dog.


Halfway Home Dog Rescue survives on donations, kennel sponsorship, grants and fundraising. Many local businesses have charity tins in their shops to raise money and we also get donations of food from members of the public and Morrisons have a food bin for collections.

We have an Amazon wishlist of items we regularly use to care for and provide enrichment for the dogs in our care.

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