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We have a heated hydro pool available for hire at Halfway Home Dog Rescue NG237NZ.

Please ring the rescue to book an appointment. On 07808003152 11-3pm. Mon-Fri ask for Jo.

We DO NOT have a therapist available at the moment so cannot offer any referral sessions at present.

Sessions are charged at a minimum donation of £10 for a half hour session.

Rules of use :

  1. Please make sure you dog has toileted before using the pool.

  2. Please feed your dog a minimum of 2hrs before using the pool.

  3. We don't have a huge room so the pool is limited to 1 dog use at a time. Other dogs may be brought with you but must be supervised by whilst you are with the dog using the pool. We do have dog cubicles.

  4. We can swim with your dog (if we can spare a member of staff) but this is an extra charge of £7 for the half hour session.

  5. No children should be brought to the session as we have limited space.

  6. You can share a session with someone with another dog but they must wait on the standing area at the side of the pool.

  7. Only one person should go on the ramp at a time.

  8. Halfway Home Dog Rescue reserve the right to cancel any appointments , on the morning of any session by 9am, for any safety concerns they may have.

  9. Theses rules should be adhered to - any one found disobeying them may to asked to leave the pool area.

  10. More rules may be added or any rule changed at a later date

  11. Dogs my be bathed afterwards for an extra donation to help pay for electric, water and dog shampoo.



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