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DANI - Foster View to Adopt

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL MEMBERS OF THE HOUSEHOLD ARE IN AGREEMENT AND ARE READY TO ADOPT A NEW DOG AND THAT YOU HAVE NO HOLIDAYS BOOKED IN THE NEAR FUTURE - Before making a viewing appointment. We cannot hold onto a dog for the festive period so if you are going to have a really busy household during that time, please WAIT until after the new year

Lets find Dani a forever home.....


DOB - 18/12/2022

Rehomed where there is another dog as he needs company and no young children


Dani can be a nervous boy and he will take a while to get used to his new owner and environment, he will need lots of room to run about freely and lots of toys to keep him occupied.

Once he is used to you he is very affectionate and will lay close to you for comfort.

If he can’t sleep with you he will need a crate to feel secure and it would be best if there was a playful playmate for him, he does not like to be the only dog as he is young and needs someone to play with.

He has never bit anyone here for shown any aggression at all, but does bark when strangers come near.

Dani is very loyal and will soon bond with someone if given the time to come around as he chooses. He was found on the streets in Bosnia and was caught by the dog catchers so now takes abit of time to win his trust. He can get a bit scared at bedtime when the doors are all closing and we believe this is due to a past experience of being shut in, once he’s in his open crate or in a bed he instantly settles.

Anyone taking Dani on needs to be aware that he will need a long time to settle in and as he’s a young will need someone most of the time but another dog will help him settle.

We strongly feel he will end up being a brilliant dog once he overcomes his fears and is able to trust. A beautiful boy who is looking for space, time and love.

He needs people to let him get used to things in his own time so no one that’s going to push him too quickly.

He is walked in a 3 point harness only.

If you would like to meet this lovely boy please call the rescue on 07808003152 between 11am and 3pm.


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