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 UPDATE - Such a friendly dog who despite his size is gentle and good with children having been on visits to the local primary school in Romania. He is quite scent focused but did come back when off lead in the secure paddock. He has been responding to his name & is good with other dogs.

Sex: Male

 Size - Large

 DOB: 01/11/2021

 Children - Yes

 Dogs - Yes

 Resident dog needed? No

 Cats - Yes

 Neutered - Yes

 Rescued by Ovidiu Lupu, NGO Asociatia Love for Animals.

 Temperament - He is very gentle, even after living his whole life on a chain  Ovi said ‘I am always surprised by their power to forgive’ He's such a playful boy and loves to play with other dogs.

 Their Rescue History - Ovi was called by the owner. He said ‘I’m tired of this dog barking all the time, and he eats his tail. If you don’t come and take him, I will hit him on the head with a rock and that’s it’. Of course, Ovi collected him. His tail has been stitched and he is recovering well.


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