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Valentine (Rehomed)

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Female, 31/07/2019

A local told one of our dear rescuers that there was a dog in desperate need of help. At first it looked like she was hit by a car and was rushed to the vet. On closer examination it turned out she was bitten by other dogs. Resulting in: 2 cracked ribs, collapsed lung and a broken bladder Valentine received all love and care she so desperately needed and has made a full recovery since

She is now ready to start her new life and is keeping her paws crossed for a forever home

is spayed

young enough to be trained around cats

Please give us a call if you're interested in scheduling an appointment to meet Valentine, 07808003152 (between 11am and 1500h)

Please note we have sadly had to increase our adoption fee due to increased costs in regards to Brexit and new regulations. Minimum adoption fee excluding spay/neuter is now: £350,-


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