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URGENT help needed for Hero Elliott

(Please note this post has got some very distressing pictures at the bottom of this post)

Many of you may remember HERO we rescued Hero Elliott a few years ago from Albania, where he suffered the most terrible abuse. He was found underneath a car , both of his eyes were stabbed out of his skull. There are no words.. this is cruelty at it's worst !

HERO was brought to safety at Halfway Home dog rescue where he received the urgent care and love he so desperately needed. He had both his eyes removed , as this was the best and only way for him to recover back to full health.

HERO then went into the most loving foster care, where he currently still lives and shares the house with lots of other doggies he started to trust people again and learned to maneuver now being blind. His new life and BETTER life started , he would never ever suffer again

Unfortunately HERO is not doing so well at the moment and he really needs your help. He has got a lump on his leg that needs to be removed urgently, as it is causing him a lot of pain. Worst case his leg needs removing he is due to have surgery 1st June. If there is any dog on this world that doesn't need anymore suffering it really is HERO

As you can imagine the ongoing health care to help HERO with his eyes and now his leg are costing a fortune. We know it's tough times at the moment , but if you have got any penny spare to help pay towards this surgery, please would you mind donating ? So we can help him and stop the pain and suffering

If you would like to donate through PayPal please make sure to use the friends/family option to ensure there are no fees. Reference: Hero

Or you can donate straight into our bank account:

sort code: 30-67-76 Acct No: 57154660, using reference: HERO

We can't thank you enough for your ongoing support without people like yourself these dogs wouldn't have a chance.



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