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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Prince is a 2yr old Lurcher boy who is now neutered and up to date with his vaccinations. He arrived from a pound up north that we are helping rehome some dogs for.

Prince has been in a home with a toddler and other children and he is a very affectionate dog who craves human company. He would benefit from a garden to run around in before going for a walk.

Prince does bark at some other dogs on walks and is prey driven with small animals, cats, rabbits etc.

If you feel you could foster Prince (or would like to foster with a view to adopt) please ring the rescue on 0780 8003152 and we can chat about his needs for a new home.

We would like to prevent him coming back into kennels again if possible.

- no other dogs in the household -

- no small furries (cats, rabbits etc)

- good with children

UPDATE from his fosterers......

Doesn't seem to have any possession issues, you can move his food, take it away with no problems. Sits on command for meals and treats.

Play fights very gently and love Kong Wobbles toys and squeaky toys. He is house trained. Lovely companion.

He likes to sleep close by to people at night.


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