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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

HE MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO MIX WITH OTHER DOGS - this has been mentioned in his write up by the owner

"This is Scrappy, he is a Jack Russell corgi cross and he is around 11 years old I have owned him for 7. I originally got him from Halfway Home Dog Rescue

I’m having to rehome Scrappy because my other dog’s epilepsy requires full time care and the people that are caring for him cannot take Scrappy. I am no longer in a position to give Scrappy the time, love and attention that he deserves to have and few that he would be a much happier dog if he was with people that had more time for him.

Scrappy is the most loving dog I have ever met. His main priority is to be snuggled up with the closest human to him no matter if it is a stranger or a lifelong friend he is happy, wagging his tail frantically when stroked and spoken too but also cuddling up when relaxing. He is playful too and loves to play tug and chase as well as play fighting with his humans. Though his favourite thing to do is to play with water.

Scrappy is happy to go for a walk but very much has the opinion of “why walk in the sun when you could lay in the sun” after about a mile he starts to pace himself and is happy that we are on our way back home. We walk in the countryside and on a short lead he tugs a bit so that he can investigate different things and so that he can keep up with his bigger canine brother. But on a long/retractable lead he never strays more than a few meters and regularly comes back to check that everyone is ok.

Although scrappy lives with another dog now, I would say that he is a single dog household kind of dog. I tell dog walkers and sitters to keep him well away from other dogs as he whines and pulls to get to them and unfortunately it is not for friendly reasons.

When being left alone Scrappy let’s out a few minutes of frustrated barking but soon settles down (security cameras and neighbours have shown and reassured me of this). I work full time and have left both dogs for 6/7 hours at a time with a half hour visit in the middle with no problems for 7 years now. But now that scrappy is going to be on his own I don’t think it is fair on him.

Scrappy eats dry food and his favourite treat is a carrot. He will steal food but only has ever done so when I have accidentally left something out and left the house. A human meal will be left untouched if the human is around. Scrappy is also crate trained and seems to relish being in a small space more than being in the open especially when there are no humans at home.

Scrappy is a very healthy dog and has only been to the vets a few times in 7 years. Once he split a paw pad and needed surgery and another time he has chosen to eat the wrong human treat apart from that he is a very strong little doggy.

Honestly, Scrappy is the perfect little buddy to have and if my circumstances were different I wouldn’t be looking for a new home for him. I know he will have a much better life with someone that is able to give him the love and time he deserves.

Please ring the rescue on 07808003152 between 11-3pm


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