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TAWNY (Currently in a foster home)

DOB: approx 5 years old Tawny has been returned as her owner can no longer keep her. This is from Tawnys owners mum. She is staying in a home at present to save her from coming back to the kennels. Tawney has not done anything wrong at all. She loves children and gets on with other animals She is not over-keen on men especially, but will take well to them if they sit down quietly and give her a treat I think her one eye makes her nervous She is very clean and house-trained She hates wet weather and will wait until she has to go out to do her business, She loves being groomed she loves a lot of attention. Whilst I have looked after her, I have trained her to do a little dance when greeting me and trained to wait and sit and not to go for her treat until I allowed her to eat it Tawney enjoys going for walks and will sit quietly whilst getting the harness on She walks well on her lead but if there are other dogs she barks and tugs on her lead because she wants to go play. That is hard for me because I am AOP and disabled She is not good off the lead, she won't return when called she plays a game running around but will return when she has enough and you ignore her and eventually comes back in. She likes to cuddle up with you to watch tv She has what I call a cheeky doggy smile for instance, she will bark at a bird, I ask what she barking at and she looks at me smiling and sort of mouths a silent bark and looks around and smiles back at you. She is a character and a very loving dog She was used to being left during the day When Sherrie was at work, It is a shame I have to have to return her, I am just not fit enough to keep her since Sherrie has had to vacate her home.. I hope this helps you find a loving home for her. Please consider giving this lovely gentle girl a new forever home where she can stay. Please ring the rescue on 07808003152 11-3pm.


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