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Sally (Rehomed)

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

New arrival: SALLY, female - spayed

Date of birth: 14/02/2018

*This doggie has currently got a viewing booked, however if you would like to be added to the back up list please give HH a call*

SALLY was dumped outside the shelter of our dear rescuer. She had demodex (parasites/mites that will effect the skin/fur very badly) it severally affected her skin and fur, she was nearly bald. She was also covered in ticks. She's had medical treatment since and has recovered back to full health. ❤️

She's got a burn mark on her nose (it's a old wives' tale that when you burn a dog on the nose it will prevent distemper 😩) which indicates she may have had an owner at some point...

This beautiful girl has suffered enough! Are you able to offer this beautiful dog a loving forever home?


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