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Sadly we've said goodbye to our Jack

A bit of sad news to tell you all, from us at HWH. Unfortunately for a bit Jack, our miniature JR guard dog has gradually been losing weight and has become more lethargic and fussy with his food. Originally we presumed his weight loss was due to his age and food fussiness. On Friday he wasn't eating so we took him to the vets for blood tests and even managed to lift him out of the crate, which if you knew Jack, was impossible to do on a normal day. We got the bad news later in the afternoon to say his glucose levels were high and he was diagnosed with diabetes. Unfortunately Jack would not let us handle him at the best of times, so we would not have been able to inject him twice a day, which would have been required. This would also have put extra stress on him and he had had several funny turns over the past few months. We made the decision to help him cross the rainbow bridge with one of us staying with him, stroking his ear while he fell asleep. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored him while he has been a resident with us over the past 10 years. At peace now Jack, love from us all at HWH


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