Rosah is one of our dogs that is looking for a new home. If you would like to meet Rosah or chat with her owner please call the rescue in the 1st instance. Below is a write up from the owner.

Rosah is a (predominantly) Dutch Shepherd girl and 2½ years old. She is a delight: smart, playful, energetic, loyal and eager to please. She is though anxious and takes her time to trust people. She is making progress in her ability to tolerate other dogs when she meets them on walks but still finds it hard not to react. She needs more practice and a consistent approach – that’s why an experienced dog owner would be the best match for Rosah to enable her to continue to make improvements so that she is confident and calm.

So far she has been on a lead at all times on walks as she can decide to follow her nose across fields. She likes to run around the garden chasing balls, and sometimes brings them back.

She should be an only dog at home (with no cats either) and will want to have a close bond with her owners – she likes company, it makes her feel safe. She can find small children unpredictable which can make her worried, but she has been good on walks and at home with sensible children aged 8 and up, after she gets to know them. She is obedient, quick to learn and always clean.


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