Rommy (was Grayson)

Rommy has been returned from his adopted home as they cannot get him out to walk. He originally came from Romania in April this year aged 3 yrs.

He was found wandering and someone tried to catch him. Then he disappeared but after 6 weeks he reappeared with a severe neck injury caused by some tight string. He was treated and once fully recovered came over to the UK to find a new home.

Romanian rescues often need quite a while to settle and need time to decompress, get used to a new life with all that comes with a new life in a different country. Some have lived on the streets for a long period of time.

He's been in a foster home for a few weeks and the fosterer is available to chat to anyone who would like to know more about him and where he is at in his rehoming journey.

- No children initially to let him have less stress, as quite shy

- Happier in a female only household

- Someone with time and patience

If you would like to meet Rommy, please ring the rescue to arrange a meeting/chat with his fosterer 07808003152 between 11-3pm


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