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8 Months

Large Adult Size

A gentle gypsy boy found a puppy in Romania and took good care of him. Unfortunately, he lived in a 12’ square room with his family and is not wasn't suitable environment to bring up a large breed puppy.

Rocky came over to the UK in August and was rehomed but recently was relinquished back to our care.

He is Romanian GSD cross. He was always a bit mouthy and unfortunately the owners have been unable to get on top of this despite trying to get advice from dog trainers.

We have walked him in a dogmatic headcollar and he is much improved so this would need to be continued in his new home.

Due to the fact that he is now a large puppy he is getting quite strong and is too big to be around the smaller children in the family.

The rescue understands the reason for his return, so ask that no-one posts any negative comments.

We are assessing Rocky at the moment, but if you have GSD EXPERIENCE and you feel your family could offer this young lad a GSD, experienced home, then please give the rescue a ring on 07808003152 between 11-3pm.


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