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Rescue Collaboration Success

We are stoked to be able to finally give you all the news we've been waiting to be able to tell you since September.

Danny, our Belgian Malinois has been adopted locally.

We are still going to be able to see him and its great to be able to see him acting like a (near) normal calm dog outside of the somewhat stressful environment that kennels can be.

He is still walking around attached by mouth to his ball but he is so much calmer and has settled in amazingly.

Last week, while someone was in the area, we told Stray Aid, where he travelled to us from, in person the great news. We felt it was more personal (although hard to lie about the real reason for our visit) and we wanted to make sure that everyone involved in his care whilst in kennels (now over a year), heard the news at the same time. They were of course all pleased to hear the news and we showed them his new home on video and in pictures and how happy he looked. Its taken months to get his weight up and that's finally happened so this has all worked out at the right time.

This is the best example of rescue collaboration - working together for the good of the animals. We looked after Danny for over 5 months and he taught us a lot about his breed and also about ourselves and how to be around them.

Danny - enjoy your new forever home xxxxx


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