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Reggie (Rehomed)

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Reggie was found outside a house. Only 1.5 months old! Some locals kept him for a few days, but sadly didn't want to keep them and threatened to put him back on the streets again. Thankfully our dear Sirius rescue team heard about him and arranged foster care for Reggie until fully vaccinated. Once fully vaccinated he was transferred to Sirius sanctuary. He is now ready to start his new life and is keeping his paws crossed for a forever home

Reggie does not like to be alone and will therefore ONLY be rehomed with someone who has already got a resident dog. not neutered adult size 20-25KG young enough to be trained around cats been in foster care (not house trained)

Please give us a call if you're interested in scheduling an appointment to meet Reggie 07808003152 (Between 11am and 1500h)

Please note we have sadly had to increase our adoption fee due to increased costs in regards to Brexit and new regulations. Minimum adoption fee excluding spay/neuter is now: £350,-


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