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Available for rehoming - Rowan (11 mths Grey/Brindle) Rowan is neutered. Rowan has been returned from his home and we are helping another rescue, by hopefully finding a new home for him.

He has been in a foster home but the lady is looking after a lot of dogs so he really needs to have a bit more 1-1 attention than she is able to give them.

Rowan can be nervous of people when you first meet him. It took me around 20 minutes of being sat next to him feeding treats before he would let me put his slip lead on and then his harness. He needs to get to know people in his own time and have people understanding of this when they visit so no-one approaches him too quickly or tries to engage with him before he is ready.

Rowan can be rehomed with another dog, but they need to be older and calm. He likes to play but needs to know boundaries. He is only young has needs to know how not to redirect if the dog he is with gets worried or excited in a situation. This is where his handler needs to help him so training will be needed. He was quick with us to learn what 'No' means but he needs consistency.

*You MUST be willing to have numerous visits to the rescue to meet him, preferably close together. *Must be a quiet area in the country or village, not in a town *No young children please, older teenagers only, as they must be aware of dogs body language

You ideally should be able to have the viewing when all of the members of the household can attend. Viewings can be out of our normal opening hours - by prior arrangement to view him. Please ring the rescue to discuss having a viewing for Rowan but please make sure you have read the required needs for him before making an enquiry. Ring between 11-3pm on 07808003152 We do not reply to texts, admin messages or emails regarding viewings as we need to speak to you directly initially.


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