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Updated: Jun 16

Sex: Female

Size - Medium

DOB: May/June 2022

Dogs - Yes

Spayed - Yes

Rescued by Roxana - NGO Asociatia Love for Animals.

Temperament - Observations indicate that she is very sweet and gentle. She does seem to be a bit wary of people who stare and bend towards her to say hello.

She's lovely with all the volunteers at the rescue.

History - This girl was kept on a 1 meter chain. A friend had taken her off the street, but keeping her chained in such conditions was far from ideal (Roxana was worried she could be inpregnated by roaming dogs), so she was taken to the shelter.

Please ring the rescue if you like an appointment to view this dog.

07808003152 11-3pm.

This is the only way we arrange viewings.

Follow the link below for FREE advice on adopting a foreign dog and help them settle in. We will receive 20% of any further monies raised from anyone buying other courses via this link.

‘Set yourself up for a successful adoption’ is the course to look for.


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