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Pansy (Rehomed)

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Update.. One of our volunteers has taken Pansy home to look after her until she gets her forever home.

A most PERFECT & FOREVER LOVING HOME needed for🐾Pansy🐾❤️ 9 years old.

Pansy has just arrived with us and is the most beautiful girl. Panasy spent all her life on a short chain with only a rusty old barrel turned on its side to shelter her from the elements. Her owners had decided that they didn’t want her anymore and stopped feeding her: no water, no food and no escape! Gradually the little body weight she had on her wasted away and every rib and bone started to show through her fur. She was rescued by our wonderful rescuer Sabina who looked after her and gave her all the care and LOVE she so desperately needed. Until she was finally ready to travel to the UK.

Her new and better life starts now.. 🥰


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