Panda (Rehomed)

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

We are looking for a loving forever home ( no kids under the age of 12) with experienced dog owners for Panda ❤️ she is a large corgi size.

Panda was initially returned to HH due to not getting on with a dog of a family member that visited Panda in her home. She also had a few accidents in the house.

Although Panda is a loving and friendly dog, she will be in need of someone who can be patient with her and take each step at a time.

Panda will need to be the only dog in the house, as she is not good with other dogs. She is fine walking on a lead near other dogs though.

She has also been cat tested and although she did react at the cat, she was also happy to walk away from the cat.

Panda doesn't like wearing a harness and is much happier wearing a collar while out on walkies with an (extension) lead. We recommend not to take her offlead.

Panda can be wary of people who reach out to cuddle her to quickly, especially underneath her belly.

Although Panda travels well in the car, she doesn't always like to get carried inside the car. She would also travel best inside a car crate, as a harness seatbelt wouldn't work for her.

We are currently working with an experienced team to help Panda with her lead training, training around other dogs and general interaction. 🐾🐕 And we've made great progress so far. We believe this dog deserves a second chance with the right person.