Updated: Feb 10

Sex: F

Female DOB:

Approx 2 years old (as of 5.11.21)

Size: Medium weighs 22KG

Cat friendly Spayed

The mother dog belonged to a man and another 15 dogs were taken from him as well. He was feeding the dogs once a week because otherwise "they become lazy and they're not helpful with the sheep"

None of the dogs he owns have a dog house or access to water and food. Tora (the puppies mum) who is a female, was mistaken by the man to be male and he kept her on a very short chain, without access to water or food at all.

Around 2.5 months ago, she gave birth to 6 puppies and then he went to the guardian of the site to ask for a bag to drown the puppies and he wanted to hang the mum. The location is 500m from Pata Râr.

Transported from Sirius Animal Rescue, Romania


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