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Maggie (Rehomed)

Updated: May 4, 2021

Needs to be an only dog as she is reactive if they growl at her first. She’ll walk with other dogs, (see the video). Maggie arrived recently for Arad public (kill) shelter and despite the journey has become a favourite with volunteers, as she is so friendly. She is supposed to be around 8 but our vet has said between 4-8 yrs. she has been to the vets this week as she has been squatting alot on a walk. We have been monitoring her water intake but she is ok and the vet has examined her and can’t find any problems externally. She is on medication for stress cystitis and if anyone adopts her she would be covered for this condition, by the rescue but only if she can be taken to Minster vets. If you are interested in meeting Maggie please give the rescue a call 07808003152


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