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Luna is now at the rescue -

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Below is some information sent by her owner *******

Date of birth 09/05/2020


She is spayed and vaccinated

She loves people and children

She has never bitten anyone

She's is a lovely dog, who is very affectionate and very playful

She can walk off her lead (once she knows and trusts you), only going about 50 yards or so from whoever is walking her

Her only bad point is she hasn't had much dog social interaction training so she is dog reactive and due to this she gets walked alone, although up until she was 17 months old she lived with a Jack Russell, who was her best mate (pictured)

If you are interested in offering Luna a home please ring the rescue and we will take some names for viewings. She is due in next week when her owner can get her to us.

Ring the rescue number between 11-3pm 07808003152.

Luna is not from Romania but this will still be a big change for her so she will need time to settle in as with any new arrival.


Luna has settled with my dog after a couple of careful introductions. She is reactive to other dogs if they start barking at her but Lola doesn't do anything, just tells her when enough is enough and Luna is learning. She could possibly live with another dog BUT they must be quite calm and at least 2-3 yrs of age so Luna can learn from them. She will need further training.


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