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Leila (Rehomed)

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Female - spayed - medium to large size

Born 01/01/2011

Leila was found by our dear rescuer, she was abandoned. She had some problems with her stomach when found but a good diet has helped build her up. She is very affectionate with people and good with other dogs too

Are you interested in setting up a meeting to come and meet her ? Please give us a call; 07808003152 (phone is on 11 am until 1500h)

-Please keep in mind social distancing and the 2m distance rule

-Donations fees may vary per dog, please give HH a call for further details. Unfortunately we don't have a card machine on site, please feel free to pay by cash or by bank transfer (not by PayPal though)

-PLEASE NOTE that we unfortunately CAN NOT RECEIVE TEXTS/EMAILS/VOICEMAIL , due to a technical fault. Phone calls only, thank you.


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