Kai - being rehomed from his current home through the rescue

Here is a write up by his current owner. Please send an email to the owner with details about your household and why you think you would be able to give Kai a good home. Please include your phone number for the owner to ring you so you can view Kai in his present home. Paperwork will need to be filled in, an adoption fee paid at the rescue, then you will be able to take Kai home. "Kai, is a beautiful 10 month old mixed breed dog who is a large medium dog that is still growing, he is neutered and is a great social dog towards both other dogs and humans. Though has had limited exposure to cats. Kai is wonderful around kids of all ages and is really gentle around young children. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances Kai’s owner is struggling to give him the care he deserves. The owner has a medical condition that has lead to them not being able to give him the exercise he requires now, as he is a ball of energy that loves to run and play. He his an affectionate and cheeky young boy who love cuddles and licks but can get nippy when over exited or when he gets over stimulated. He has a love for toys and his favourites are plastic bottles that he steals from you if you’re not paying full attention. He’s inquisitive and loves to explore new things so he often gets himself into a pickle where he needs a bit of help. He has a wonderful singing voice in the showers and loves to play in paddling pools no matter the weather Training wise he has been very receptive to treat and clicker based training and has learned to sit, paw, lay down, heel and wait at the top of the stairs. He walks on the lead really well and enjoys long walks in large open space where he can run on a long lead. His recall training has some work to do but he is picking it up quickly. He is a smart boy who has the capability of learning really quickly. He does have some house training and crate training troubles but with time he can be trained we have him now asking to go out to use the bathroom. He also likes to steal food off tables and counters if given half a chance but training can help prevent that. He is a very boisterous dog who still thinks he is the size of a small puppy so he can be clumsy and has a severe lack of personal space understanding but some of that may mellow with age as he grows but also gives him his cheeky personality. Ideally he needs to be with someone who can take him on multiple long walks and who can spend plenty of time one on one with him. mariakeane999@gmail.com From HWH - Older children only due to him being boisterous and someone around most of the day due to his age