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Joe and Nellie (Not Available)

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

UPDATE - Sad news for Joe, he went for his x-rays yesterday and the prognosis is poor. He has a pelvic tumour. Not only that but the poor lad has chronic ear problem, infected nose fold and tail fold and his gums are growing over his teeth. Apart from the tumour the other problems are all things that this lovely breed suffer from. The temperament of bulldogs is fantastic, and I am sure when people go out and buy a puppy they don't realize their health issues that can run into thousands of pounds keeping them healthy.

We have decided that Joe is not suitable to move to a new home and because he is so bonded with Nellie she will be staying with him for however long we will be able to keep Joe happy and comfortable. Please send Joe good vibes and prayers. Thankyou xx

Joe and Nellie are 2 British Bulldogs we re-homed 3yrs ago. They have come back to us through no fault of their own. They now need a new home where they can stay together as they are a bonded pair. They are very loving dogs and are very good in the home. Joe on the left is now 9yrs old and Nellie on the right is now 5yrs old. Joe has a problem with 1 of his back legs and is receiving medication. We will get him checked out by our vets. If you feel you can offer these 2 a loving home where they can stay for the rest of their lives please call the rescue to make an appointment. Please note we will not make appointments via email, text or messenger. Thank you. Please call 07808003152 between 11am and 3pm


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