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OPEN FOR HIRE - HYDROTHERAPY POOL We are pleased to announce that the pool has officially been christened by Quill, if a little tentative at first. Give him a pond and he’s straight in. We’ve decided to open the pool to ANY dog owners not just our adopters. £20 per half hour - if you need someone to swim with your dog there is an additional charge of £10.

We have to restrict the pool to one dog at a time unless they are small due to the size of the pool - it wouldn't generally be called a swimming pool as it is smaller and has jets to swim against.

We don’t have a physiotherapist at the moment, so anyone wishing to swim with their dogs can do as long as they are over 18yrs old. We ask that you leave time, once here to take your dog for a walk to let them go to the toilet first.

Everyone has to read and sign the terms and conditions, prior to entering the room, the first time they visit.

***Halfway Home Dog Rescue, shares no responsibility for loss, damage or injury to persons or items whilst using the pool room. ***

Please bear with us while we get used to this new venture. Ring the rescue to book a slot between 9-4pm weekdays 11-3pm at weekends. 07808003152


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