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Gilbert has found a new home

Updated: May 15, 2021

Experience with assessing dog behaviour.

No other dogs/pets

GSD experience or similar

No children under 13

Gilbert was originally adopted from us as a puppy and has been returned after 2 years as his owner could no longer keep him due to health reasons.

He can be strong on the lead and will require a foster home with no other pets as he can lunge towards other dogs.

He has been in the paddock with an older female dog and played quite nicely (even when she told him off as he was getting a bit much), but has run at another female dog.

He is responsive to training and could benefit from extra work to teach him some manners and what’s right and wrong.

He is quite mouthy but is good when you tell him no or block him (hence older children only). He can be a bit wary when first meeting people but soon gets over this.

Gilbert loves a run round so a large garden would be preferable.

He has been for a walk round a local nature park and sat while people and dogs passed, only jumping at one dog but this was in play and the dog approached him off lead.

Not bothered by traffic.

We need someone to help with his assessment in a home environment now as we’ve done what we can in the kennels.

Please contact the kennels between 11-3 to arrange to meet Gilbert if you think you and your home are suitable 07808003152


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