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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Sadly we have found Flynn needs to be an only dog. PLEASE READ THE REHOMING INFORMATION IN THE ANNOUNCEMENT SECTION BEFORE RINGING FOR AN APPOINTMENT Sex: Male DOB: 25.05.21 NEUTERED Approx adult size: Large Current weight: 22KG weighed on 1.12.21, 30KG weighed on 05.01.2022

Breed: Romanian mixed breed Cat test: Cat friendly

Rescue Story:

The usual story of life in a village without a veterinary clinic, without a safe place to spay and neuter the dogs without pedigree, leads to unwanted pregnancies and too many puppies without a house. The same happened with these puppies. The mother had an owner but was un-spayed and gave birth to 8 puppies. 8 beautiful ones that no one in the village wanted. These puppies were lucky to have found a place to take them in so they were not drowned as often happens if people cannot afford to care for unwanted dogs. Transported by Sirius Animal Rescue, Romania Please ring the rescue between 11-3pm on 07808003152 for an appointment


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