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Flossys fundraiser

Please help Andrea, One of our volunteers at the rescue, with her fundraiser for Flossy.

Flossy was recently brought into our rescue by a member of the public who we were told had gone to view a car and whilst at the address, came across a 5 mth old puppy being kept outside in a kennel with just a towel for bedding.

He took her home after the owner said 'take it I dont want it'. Flossy obviously had something concerning happening with her breathing so he brought her to us to help rehome.

She hadn't had her puppy vaccinations so had to be fostered immediately instead of staying at the kennels. Andrea has fostered her for 1 month over christmas and taken her for a few visits to the veterinary centre we use in Newark.

She either has scarring on her lungs due to having pnuemonia or due to an allergy to food she may have had since she was born.

Whilst in Andres care, Flossy has met a family member who has since adopted Flossy (the reason she hasn't needed to be advertised). At present Flossy is growing, happy and has also overcome the anorexia she had found to be suffering from on her first vet visit.

This fundraiser is to pay for any future veterinary treatment she will need as she has a pre-existing condition when adopted. Any monies over and beyond her treatment costs will pay for any other vets bills that we regularly have to settle.


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