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Dora Rose

Age; 13-18 months old

Sex: female

Size: Small - spayed

***Cat friendly***

From what we know from the people of the area where Dora Rose is from, was that she was first seen approx 1year ago.

As she was not spayed, she ended up giving birth to some puppies. As their life was in danger, due to where they were living, their rescuers decided to take them and try to find them their forever homes.

We have got 6 of Doras puppies travelling on the next Sirius bus.

Our adoption fee is £350.

We cannot reply to emails, texts or admin messages, regarding viewings. Please ring the rescue on 07808003152 between 11-3pm to arrange a viewing. All members of the household and any visiting partners need to attend the appointment, along with any resident dogs


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