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Updated: May 9

Available for rehoming - CONNIE (was Tammy)

Connie is looking for a new home due to her owners serious health problems meaning she can’t care for Connie any more. Here is a write up about her…


I have been looking after Connie for the last 3 and a half weeks. I was happy to continue to look after but she has become very confident and is making the life of my laid back 14 year old lurcher difficult. She is becoming more dominant and putting my dogs nose out of joint, Connie is trying to be top dog which does not really work for us and my dog is getting stressed. I believe therefore that she would have to be homed as an only dog and by someone very confident and/or experienced.

Prior to her staying with me she was very nervous of loud noises and was walked on the lead. She has come on leaps and bounds and now is able to be walked off the lead and has decent recall (using ‘Connie come’ command). She is a very loving dog, happy to see you and is good with children. Is is good at playing with other dogs off lead and will leave them alone if you express the ‘leave it’ command.

She never strays too far from me when walking off lead, sometimes if she gets really interested in something is may take a few calls but she always come back.

She also walks nicely on the lead.

She less wary of loud noises now and does not react whilst walking and only occasionally reacts/flinches in the the house.

She loves being in the garden and does not appear to be able to jump over fences.

She can be left for a at least 4hours on her own with no issues but she may well head to find a bed to sleep on.

She lets you brush her daily and loves long walks and to lounge around on sofas and in the garden. She may benefit from a haircut now the weather is getting warmer as for a four year old dog she sometimes seems to tire quite easily whilst walking.

She appears very intelligent and picks up commands easily.

Connie is living approx 45min drive, south, from the rescue.

or before if needed.

Please ring the rescue for an appointment on 07808003152 11-3pm

We don’t make appointments any other way apart from a phone call.

DOB to be checked and added


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