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Burglary at the rescue :(

It's been only a day ago when we woke up on a nice Saturday morning. It was suppose to be a beautiful day caring for our dogs.

We walked towards the barn, ready to start the day. Never did we expect to find what we saw early that morning... 😞

The side door of the barn was unusually left open, when looked closer, it was clear to see that there had been a forced break in to our property. Our hearts stopped beating for a moment! 💔 It didn't stop there, the same happened to our office on the inside of the barn.

What on earth had happened?

We walked inside our office and noticed straight away that our laptop containing important files on our dogs was missing. Our photo camera was missing too, containing pictures of our beloved dogs. Even though we do store back up files and photos to an external drive, some of them hadn't been uploaded as yet and therefore will be lost forever 💔 We now felt absolutely sick to the stomach...

When looking at the CCTV footage later that morning, it also turned out that this dark, dark soul had also tried to get into the actual house where Valerie Hosegood lives on site, but thankfully failed to get in.

Why would anyone steal of a charity?! We are absolutely devastated and heartbroken.. 💔😞

As you know we are a hard working charity, ALL the funding we have got available is meant for the care of our dogs only. We don't have funds available to improve our security system to make sure that this will never ever happen again!! We absolutely feel devastated and embarrassed having to reach out to you for HELP, but please if you've got a penny spare, or anything at all, please, please would you be able to donate money so we can at least get our locks replaced ? 🐾

❤️Thank you for your support as always. ❤️

Donations can be made as following:

- Via paypal please go to login and choose send money family and friends using our email to ensure no fees are charged to us​, thank you. Please use reference; break in.

-Or you can donate straight into our bank account:

sort code: 30-67-76 Acct No: 57154660

Please use reference; break in.

🐾Thank you🐾

PS. Do let us know if your recognize the dark, dark soul in pictures below.


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