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Buddy (Rehomed)

Updated: May 7, 2021

BUDDY IS FULLY BOOKED FOR VIEWINGS. If you have had your number taken please make sure you have read the frank write up about Buddy as we need people to make sure they are willing to put the work in as this little fella has had enough homes in the past year.

My names Buddy and I’m a Border Terrier. I’m really not sure why I’m still here at the kennels. I think it may be because I’m so hyper. I’m only just over a year old and have had a few homes already.

I unfortunately like to chase rabbits, I have lived with a cat but sometimes chase it when it runs.

I’m not keen on other dogs, although I do tolerate the one I’m living with now but we are kept in separate rooms. If she gets excited that’s when I don’t like her.

I need someone who is patient enough to work with me with my training.

I have lived in a house at the kennels for about two months now and am getting better but think I need to find my own place to live so I can settle there.

As you can see I have to have a secure garden and like plenty of toys - boomer and tennis balls, squeakies are my favourite. The stuffed animals don’t last very long as you can see.

I’m very good in the house (some people say I’m adventurous) and am clean as long as I get let out.

I’ll need a rural home away from lots of neighbours as I do bark when I’m playing or see other dogs. If I see another dog on a walk I will lunge and bark at it until it’s disappeared so a built up area won’t suit me.

If you have a very large secure garden and all my toys I would very happy not to be walked as I can entertain myself playing.

I travel well in a car and am great with children. You can take anything off me.

You will need to come and meet me a few times and take me out before taking me home.

Please ONLY enquire about Buddy if you are going to be able to cope with his issues when out on a lead with other dogs

If you want to come and meet me please give the kennels a ring on 07808003152


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