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Sex: Male

DOB: approx Mid April 2021

Breed: Romanian mixed breed

Approx adult size: Medium

***Cat Friendly***

A man called the rescuers when they were doing the spay and neuter programme to let us know that his dog had had puppies. He was a poor man whose wife is blind, so he could not have provided them with a good future.

Another problem was that he wanted to spay the dog mum and the second one, but he didn't know what to do with the puppies, he didn't want to kill them though.

The puppies at just 6 weeks old weren't able to get any milk from the mum because she was so skinny. The rescuers started the medical treatment for the pups but weren't able to take them until they had finished their first round of vaccinations, but they did give help with food, deworming and flea treatment.

Now the pups are ready to find their forever homes.


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