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Bobby is a 1-2yr old Cane Corso male. He is neutered and microchipped. Vaccination status will be added tomorrow.

He has arrived with us from a pound in the N.E UK.

He walks really well on the lead and is responsive to being asked to slow or stop. He sits and gives you his paw before we feed him and sits before we enter his kennel pen without being asked.

He is being good and patient at learning not to barge through doors to learn thresholds. He is friendly with everyone he has met so far and we have taken toys from him when he has dropped them in front of us to throw.

He's a beautiful example of this breed but we feel would be best rehomed as an only dog, although he has greeted our other dogs and horses with now issues so far.

He does still jump up, which we are working on, so older teenagers only please and he will go to a home where they have experience of the breed (preferably) or at least large breed dogs.

Please call to come and view Bobby on 07808003152 between 11-3pm. We only take appointments over the phone - not by emails, texts or admin messages.


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