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Bingo and Luna

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Available for rehoming - now at the rescue

Possible to be rehomed on their own

Following is a write up by their previous owner -

We currently have two lovely dogs from HWH, Luna aged 3 and half years and Bingo aged nearly 3 years.

They both get on the children. Luna is not keen on other dogs but she may gradually get use to them. When out walking on leads both dogs are good however they have no recall. We have been gradually working on it. Bingo is quite reactive to any outside noises as we lived on a farm and didn't get loads of visitors.

Both dogs love their morning walks, at present they are walked for approximately 30 minutes to an hour in a morning and the same in the evening. Weekends are often longer. Neither dog likes being left alone for too long - Bingo used to shake when we were leaving him, hence we got Luna to keep him company. They do play together chasing each other round the garden for ages and play fighting, but don't play with a lot of toys despite there being lots about. Luna does like to dig holes occasionally.

If you are interested in meeting Luna and Bingo please ring the rescue for the contact details of the current owner on - 07808003152. between 11-3pm.

Bingo (black and white), Luna (white)


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