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Beryl (Rehomed)

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Approx 5/6 yrs old. Has travelled from Arad public (kill) shelter in Romania.

Beautiful little dog, very friendly, loves walks, gets on with all the dogs we’ve introduced her too.

Can do as an only dog or with another

Will need time to settle in her new environment but bonds well which helps

Excited for walks but lots of other people, dogs and especially traffic needs to be introduced slowly as she’s become a confident lass but this cannot be pushed too quickly else she may lose this confidence.

Loves to have a groom on the sofa - falling asleep afterwards

Please ring the rescue for an appointment

07808003152 11-3

Beryl is currently babysitting a pup so we would like her to stay until tomorrow when the pup goes to a new home.


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