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Sex: Male Size - Small 5kg DOB: approx.. November 2014, 8yrs. Children - Yes - 5+ Dogs - Yes Cats - Yes Neutered - Yes Sibling - Small Girl

Temperament – This little boy is very sweet natured and friendly, although a little shy to start. He’s used to living in a home with a family History – A family known to the rescuer had 3 small size dogs and a Labrador. The three small dogs had been rescued some years ago and lived with the family, two adults and a young daughter. They’re having to move from a house to an apartment and are unable to bring the dogs with them. They asked a lady to help as they don’t want the dogs to end up at the Public Shelter. Please ring the rescue for a viewing on 07808003152 11-3pm. We cannot answer emails, texts or admin messages about viewings.

Follow the link below for FREE advice on adopting a foreign dog and help them settle in. We will receive 20% of any further monies raised from anyone buying other courses via this link.



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