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UPDATE - Berry has been in a foster home but having decided they don't want to adopt they have asked that he comes back to the rescue.

He doesn't like the kennels as it's too noisy but they don't keep him any longer. He got on with their dog and they had started playing.

Berry will take a bit of time to settle and bond with you and to get used to living in a home. He has always had the run of an outside space so a very secure garden would be needed. He is ok in the house only occasionally having an accident when not let out enough for toileting.

He is very anxious of travelling in the car and needs time to overcome this with training and by the rescue using tried and tested methods. He does calm down once the car starts moving but needs plenty of small sort journeys initially.

He'll need a quiet home, another dog companion, no children in the home.

Age - 17 months

Size - Medium

Please ring the rescue if you would like to view this dog on 07808003152 11-3pm

This is the only way we arrange viewings.

These dogs have arrived from a shelter so little is known about their history.

Follow the link below for FREE advice on adopting a foreign dog and help them settle in. We will receive 20% of any further monies raised from anyone buying other courses via this link. [[]


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