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UPDATE - Belle has been placed in a foster home

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Available for fostering/rehoming - Belle

Female 2 yr- spayed

Belle has come from the public shelter at Arad in Romania.

She has now been with us for around 3 weeks, at time of writing, and has today been back to Jos' house to be assessed in a home environment. Following is a video and write up of her assessment.

*Belle will need a rural or semi rural environment in a quiet household with no children and people with experience of rescue dogs. She would be best as an only dog with no other small furries in the household.

*Belle travelled well in the car, better on the way home in the back seat - both times secured with a harness and seatbelt strap.

*She settled well in the house choosing to come back inside of her own account after around 20 minutes, having had a look round the garden first with a long lead attached.

*She managed going up and down the stairs.

*She doesn't like to hoover but just moved away from it. She didn't mind the tv after she got used to the moving pictures and noise.

*She walked well on the lead around the estate but was spooked by a dog being walked behind us.

*In the garden, Belle didn't react to barking dogs in the vicinity but was a bit wary of new noises when out on a walk including car doors slamming.

We require all members of the family to attend the viewing.

Please ring the rescue for an appointment to view on 07808003152 between 11-3pm.

We cannot reply to texts, emails or admin messages regarding viewings

Please...if only someone would consider fostering this sweet girl and today has been walking with Bertie and Fox. She is scared of dogs initially but this is after 2 meetings with the boys and shes ok now. She just needs reassurance and guidance. See the video of her home assessment where she is also walking with Lola whom she has worked with at the kennels.


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