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Bella (Rehomed)

Updated: May 11, 2021

Collie/Collie cross experienced home

Active family

Someone willing to continue her training

Would benefit from a calm, confident dog companion preferably female


Will need spaying as just finishing her first season - hence best with a female.

Bella came over from Romania as a 5 mth old pup. She is now around a year old and is looking to find an active family who can keep her entertained as she is an energetic and lively young dog.

She has shown no aggression to us while we have been assessing her, but this will continue.

She is very friendly and can greet you by jumping up. This will need working on as will her house training as she can still have accidents in the house. Once she bonds with you, she follows you and reaches out for reassurance.

We feel she would do better in a home with another dog as when walking around the rescue, she followed my dog (female) quite nicely where she walked but new ‘things’ made her quite jumpy.

She walked past some sheep and went to bark at them then they started making noises, and she shot round behind me to hide. Quite interested in rabbit smells, so we would suggest no small pet furries.

Walking next to a road behind a hedge, she was spooked by the traffic noise and when stood near the road, with no hedge between her and the traffic she starts to act like she’d jump towards the car that was passing. For the second car she was made to sit and shown a tasty treat. She behaved perfectly, showing how intelligent and easy to train she can be if the work is put in.

She’ll need plenty of brain training/enrichment and due to we think, being a collie cross, will need a home with older children only 13+

If you feel you could offer Bella a special forever home please ring the rescue 07808003152 between 11-3 daily


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