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Fox (Rehomed)

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Fox has been relinquished by his owner due to a change in circumstances at home. The rescue understand and accept why he has been returned.

Fox is 4 years old, was rehomed by us in early 2020 . He has met some of dogs and is ok with anything that doesn't react back to him, so you will have to be careful meeting other dogs on walk.

He loves attention, fuss and likes you to lay on the floor and play with him.

He knows the commands sit, bed, wait, paw and high five.

He doesn't like loud noises like fireworks, motorbikes or thunder but does like to chase small furries, definately no cats, rabbits or squirrels.

He's not keen on baths or showers but is good for the groomer, apart from having his tail brushed.

Fox is starting to get a bit stressed in kennels as he loves company so much. We have had him with another dog (see video) but he does have to be told when enough is enough. He's still learning.

He would like to keep his name as he does respond to it.

If you are interested in meeting Fox please call us on 07808003152 between 11-3 for a viewing. We have plenty of slots left for this weekend.


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